What are Social Casinos? Should you play with it?

The virtual gambling hall industry is constantly evolving and social casinos are one of the latest expressions of it. A little bit of an online casino, a little bit of a social network, social casinos allow you to gamble online with your friends, without however playing for real money. But is it really so? Are social casinos really completely free? And how do they work? What are the differences with classic online casinos? All these questions, and many more, will be answered in our complete guide to social casinos online casino Singapore.

 What are social casinos and how do they work?

 As mentioned, social casinos are a kind of hybrid between online casinos and social networks. They are presented as free apps, downloadable on any smartphone or tablet or playable via browser, and give the feeling of being inside a classic online casino, even if usually the graphics are less serious and much more cartoonish. You can play a fair range of games for free, connecting with friends and complete strangers, and participating in virtual leaderboards or special events. Social casino games are not real money in the sense that you cannot wager real money and of course you cannot win it either. The chips you use to play social casino games are free, but not infinite. When (and if) you finish them, before continuing to play you will have to wait a certain amount of time, although as you will soon see there is always a way to resume the game without waiting for online casino Singapore.

Social casino games

Being in all respects the carbon copies of online casinos, social casinos have a playground that fully reflects the counterpart. You won’t be able to find every version and variant of all games, but the big families of so-called casino games are all there:

◉ Slot machine



◉Video poker


Advantages and disadvantages of social casinos

The main advantages of social casinos are substantially related to its gratuitousness. The download and creation of a game account do not require any money outlay, and even the data to be entered are few (name, surname, email address, age, and little else). Also, social casinos allow you to challenge your friends and other players, trying to climb the ranks. Since these are pastimes not related to gambling, social casinos often offer very particular games, with rules or mechanics that are not found in classic online casinos. On the other hand, although they are free, they do not allow you to play for as long as you want, because once you run out of chips, you will have to wait or pay (and we will talk more about it) to refill your account. This somehow assembles an inequality between those who need to spend and accordingly can fiddle additional and those who want: the latter will scarcely be at the prime of the hierarchies. If you just want to play with friends from time to time, challenging them or accepting their challenges, and you don’t intend to spend more than a few minutes fiddling, then social casinos are perfect for you.