Online Casino Game Real Money You Need To Know

A Chargeback is a kind of transaction that occurs when a credit card or debit card holder contacts a bank or another financial institution to request a reimbursement for the payment transaction that was made using the card or account associated with it. OLG then returns the funds. 3. debit the Player Account’s Unutilized Funds with the Chargeback amount. 3. If the player has an account at a bank that is shared with another person or persons, The withdrawals of the unutilized funds from their Player Account will be credited to the joint account and, therefore, can be accessed by other account holders. To clarify, the Player Account is not a bank account and is therefore not insured, guaranteed, sponsored, or otherwise secured by any banking or deposit insurance system.

OLG may deduct any amount due by the Player to OLG under or by this Agreement. OLG may also modify the Player Account’s notional balance to reflect such amounts without OLG having to give advance or additional notice. OLG does not earn interest on the funds qqslot deposited to fund a Player Account’s notional balance. OLG will not charge any interest to the Player for any monetary prizes credited to Player Accounts.

A player cannot withdraw unutilized Funds from a credit card even when they use a credit card to deposit funds using OLG to fund their Player Account. 5. Start an arbitration process with the relevant bank/financial institution. This could involve OLG providing proof of the deposit transaction and the payment processing company that is charged back and a financial institution/bank. 1. establishing minimum and maximum amounts of funds that may be deposited by a Player with OLG to fund the notional balance of a Player Account, on a transaction-by-transaction basis or during one or more periods. OLG may, at its discretion, return Unutilized funds to a player through other appropriate means.