Stages of Learning Rummy Online Gaming on Khelplay Rummy App

Stages of Learning Rummy Online Gaming on Khelplay Rummy App

It is never easy to learn anything new. Even when you are an expert rummy player offline, acquiring the rummy gaming skills could require some time and effort. Khelplay Rummy is an excellent app for rummy lovers. This app has ultimate options for rummy gaming online. If you are a rummy player who wants to get familiar with this rummy gaming app, just read this post. It will enlighten you about the different stages of online rummy gaming on Khelplay Rummy app. Read along and tell us which stage have you reached:

Stage 1: Don’t Know Where to Begin

Most learners of rummy online gaming do not know exactly where to begin. They have heard a lot about the Khelplay Rummy gaming app and are excited about joining the same. However, there is an element of confusion and fear of the unknown that lurks in their minds. They ask friends who are already members of the Khelplay Rummy app on suggestions to begin their journey. Some friends inform them that they will find the app on the Google Play Store. Some other friends may even be as courteous as to send an invite for the Khelplay Rummy app. The app is compatible with all Android as well as iOS devices. So, once the people download, they can easily install the app on their device. The beginners also need to create a unique ID and provide details while creating an account. Each time, the player can login using this unique ID.

Stage 2: Getting Familiar with Rummy Terminology

The rummy terminology used by players in different parts of India could vary slightly from the rummy terminology used on Khelplay Rummy app. That is why all the beginners of online rummy gaming need to first get themselves acquainted with the rummy terminology on Khelplay. Here we have shared a list of the important rummy terminology on Khelplay Rummy. The rest you can learn while playing rummy games online too. Check these out:

Number Cards:The cards used in rummy with numbers on them are referred to as number cards. There could be high point number cards as well as low point number cards. The number cards used in rummy card games are cards from 2 to 9 in signs spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.

Picture Cards: As the name pretty much explains, picture cards are cards with pictures on them. A, K, Q and J of the four signs are picture cards. The value of each picture card is 10 points while calculating points in a hand.

Disposed Pile: The cards disposed by each player during their turn forms a pile referred to as the disposed pile. Next player can pick the topmost card in the disposed pile or the topmost card on the deck during his turn.

Open Card: The topmost card on the deck is left open at the start of the game and is referred to as open card. The first player is allowed to pick either the open card or the next card on the deck. The open card plays the same role as the topmost card on the disposed pile for the first player.

Sequence: A sequence is an arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values. There are different types of sequences in rummy as described below.

Pure Sequence: A sequence that is completed without the use of jokers is referred to as a pure sequence. A pure sequence is vital in completing life in any variation of rummy card games.

Artificial Sequence: An artificial sequence is a sequence that makes use of jokers for completion.

Joker: Every deck includes some joker cards. These cards are used as jokers in Indian Rummy card games. Some people may also use blank cards as jokers in rummy games. Apart from these, one card is randomly pulled by the player next to the dealer. If the player pulls out a 2 of hearts then all 2s are used as pulled-out jokers.

Meld: Meld is an arrangement of cards of the same value but of different signs. The minimum number of cards required to form a meld is 3. An example of a meld is 3 of hearts, 3 of spades and 3 of clubs.

Life:The minimum arrangement of cards upto which a hand is regarded as a full hand is called life. The definition of life will vary based on the type of rummy card game you are playing.

First Drop: When a player quits the game even before playing the first move in rummy card game, it is referred to as first drop. Minimal points are charged for a player when he chooses first drop.

Second Drop: Any time after the first move is played, if a player quits the game, it is referred to as second drop. The points charged for second drop is double the points charged for first drop.

Full Hand: A hand is referred to as a full hand when life is not formed. Full points are charged for the player if the opponent wins before the player completes his life.

False Call: If a player calls rummy before his hand is complete, it is referred to as a false call. Penalty is charged for false call in some cases.

Stage 3: Understanding the Different Rummy Rules

When you understand the rummy terminology, you also get a fair idea regarding the major rummy rules. You also need to understand the different ways sequences and melds can be made. The rules for creating life also differ in 10 cards rummy, 13 cards standard rummy game, 21 cards rummy game and 27 cards rummy game. It is important to understand each of these rules carefully.

Stage 4: Practising Rummy Card Games for Better Understanding

Once you understand the rules of rummy card games, you develop a fair amount of confidence. However, practice is the key to mastering the art of rummy gaming. You can create an account and choose practice chips on Khelplay Rummy. This way you can practice your favourite card game online without investing a penny. Once you understand all the rules and strategies of the game, you can move to rummy cash gaming.

Stage 5: Getting a Taste of Rummy Cash Gaming

This is a stage where you are excited to get a taste of rummy cash gaming. You choose real chips and participate in some cash games. Go for this stage only when you think you are really good at rummy card games. All experts are challenging themselves on the Khelplay Rummy cash gaming platform.

Stage 6: Challenging Opponents on Rummy Tournaments

Be a part of exciting rummy tournaments. There are several options in rummy tournaments. The rewards for the winners also vary. In certain seasons, there are gadgets and gold coins as rewards. Rummy tournaments may also have several rounds. The entry is restricted and you need to be quick and wise to win. The experience will add to your rummy gaming skills.

Stage 7: Being Ready for Any Challenge in Rummy Gaming

Discipline is very important while playing rummy online card games. You should sharpen your skills to face any opponent in online rummy. You should also limit your hours on the Khelplay Rummy app to prevent developing a habit.

Wait no more! Start your journey on Khelplay Rummy app now!